Sharon Toma

Sharon Toma is a lifelong California native who recently moved and established her business, Almost Free Legal Clinic, in Rounnd Rock, Texas.


Sharon has worked for 40 years in the legal field and has earned her stellar reputation through hard work, intelligence and empathy.


While a lot of the work Sharon does today involves life coaching, mentoring and publich speaking, she has never forgotten her humble country beginnings.


Almost Free Legal Clinic was established as a labor of love and has been in operation since 2008. THe brainchild of Sharon, Almost Free Legal Clinic sccessfully bridges the gap between hiring expensive attorneys self-representation.


Our legal system is confusing, beauricratic, intimidating, confusing and not least of all, daunting. Sharon makes herself available to understand and to help every step of the way with her gracious outlook and willingness to do whatever needs to be done to ensure a happy resolution for her clients.  


No one single individual has come as highly and often recommended by her peers than Sharon Toma. First time consultations not only lead to return lifelong clients, they lead to lifelong friendships.

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Sharon A Toma has worked in the legal field since 1974.  She has worked for many highly respected and prestigious law firms such as:


Mayall, Hurley, Knutsen, Smith & Green as legal assistant to CEO


Lane, Duncan & Lambertson as legal assistant to partner


Calone Law Group as paralegal to partner


Hakeem, Ellis & Murango as paralegal


Mcfall, Burnett & Briton as paralegal to partner


Sharon has proved herself to be a successful leader and entrepreneur in the legal field.

Her passion for people and assisting them through difficult times has helped thousands.  


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                                             Almost Free Legal Clinic, LLC     Stockton registered LDA #50 expiration 02/25/2019  

    Dear Almost Free Legal Clinic, When I went in search of help for my situation little did I know God would have sent an angel in you to me.  You were kind, gentle, caring, and understanding.  That in turn made it easy to be totally honest and up front about all things we discussed.  You made me feel special from the start. I found myself looking forward to our Tuesday meetings.  You gave me the confidence to follow through with what had to be done to help my daughter.  I so appreciate all you did and know the work you did was from your heart.  God puts people in each others’ lives for reasons only he knows; now, I do too. You are an amazing woman whom I was so very fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing.  


Thank you with love,

Eric K.



    I met Almost Free Legal Clinic during an extremely trying time in my life.  I was left disabled and alone.  I needed family law assistance, but was representing myself as a pro per litigant, and still am.  Almost Free Legal Clinic’s staff handled my requests in a timely and concerned fashion.  Not only did they wipe away my tears, but was able to keep me steady and focused.  Sometimes you meet certain people in your life for a reason; Almost Free Legal Clinic was my angel.  God sent





    Sharon with Almost Free Legal Clinic put me at ease with my child custody case.  My paperwork was very smooth and organized when I went to Family Court.  San Joaquin County’s mediator recommended to the Judge.  The mediator read what Almost Free Legal Clinic typed up for me and within five minutes I was assured of full, sole custody.  Attorneys can’t help you in this County for the cost they charge I see poor value with a lawyer, especially in San Joaquin County.  


Thank you,

Mark E.



    When I first called Almost Free Legal Clinic, I was a mess.  I had a grandparent visitation order with ex’s mother that I just could not get out ofWhen the officer arrived at my house he told me. “If you want more control over your kids take it back to court.” So I did, for a modification.  I didn’t’ get what I asked for through mediation and on top of that the grandmother got even more time with my children. Every single one of my concerns regarding my 6 & 5 year old children were totally ignored.  I couldn’t believe it. I knew things weren’t right and needed help.

So my friend gave me your number.  You were definitely heaven sent.  You saw the mess I was in and you helped me get everything I rightfully deserved.  You helped me regarding control over my children and my life.  Thank you so much for what you did for me.  I will recommend you to everyone I can.  You truly cared about my situation, spent many hours meeting with me, preparing my documents, and helping me to get the Court to see the bullying and injustice I was going through.  I really cannot thank you enough for what you did for me and my family.  At the hearing, the Court agreed with my position and requests, restored my parental rights and entered an order in my favor.  


Marisa M.  



    ... I didn’t realize that finally seeking legal aid help would mean so much in helping me set my life back on track.However, it was not until I stepped in your office that I began to feel whole. Thank you for the many conversations that helped me re-focus my attention on what’s most important.   I’m recommending that you become a therapist or a counselor because God has really blessed you with a gift.  A gift of healing broken hearts and the gift of having a listening ear.  


Thank you again from my heart,

Lashelle M.